Søren Rehné is Somebody

Or perhaps this should read ‘Somebody is Søren Rehné’ 🙂
Søren Rehné started developing software back in 1984.
Since the Master degree in Computer Science back in 1992 Søren has been building a huge track-record of great success stories.
Apple and Google also liked working with Søren. So will you!
Søren has – amongst others – worked closely with both smaller companies and “the really big one” like Apple and Google.
Søren participated with Apple in developing 1 of 2 solutions that Apple used to demonstrate their first launch of the iPad and their subscription solutions.
Previous jobs have ranged from Developer over CTO and CEO in larger companies AND in startup companies.
Since 2002 Søren has successfully started/joined 4 startup companies as CEO and afterwards taken on the role as both Investor, Board Member, Business Angel and couch for young startups.
Somebody was started after finishing yet another startup.
The latest startup – FlightLogger – has now become the world leading provider of software for pilot training academies around the world (FlightLogger is in 25 countries).
But you can read a lot more on his profile: www.linkedin.com/in/rehne

Our Team Members

Freelance developers

Freelance developers

Somebody has build a large network of contacts who are "joining the game" when needed.
Søren Rehné

Søren Rehné

Owner, Consultant, IR-rated pilot and more 🙂